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77_SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack

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 SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack



》》 Collagen sleeping pack  that provides intensive nutrients to lifeless skin due to dryness and reduced elasticity.  Containing collagen (50,000 mg) extracted from pig skin and gold (2mg), it increases nutrients to skin and provides resilient elasticity by supplying insufficient nutrients. It contains Adenosin, the anti-wrinkle functional ingredient, helps to improve wrinkles and makes as healthy and shiny skin. 



● Enhances skin elasticity and moisturizing power 

● A sleeping pack (can be used for day) that can be used as a substitute of nutrient cream easily. 

● Gives nourishing feeling with GOLD, discharging toxic and enhancing radiance, increasing the absorbing power of effective ingredient.  

Enhancing elasticity + skin vitality+ supplying nutrient+ preventing aging+ discharging toxin 




FREE paraben, FREE pigment  

● Containing REAL gold in the formulation of shape memory like elastic jelly, makes as healthy skin by providing natural shine  

● Restores the elasticity of skin by increasing the absorbing ability of collagen with 24K Gold, the active ingredient of gold is effective in discharging toxin of skin, soothing and anti-aging.

● Containing 50,000 mg of 100% pig skin collagen, supplies nutrient and moisture to skin intensively. 

 Apply a moderate amount of this product to the entire face and then let it absorb by massaging gently  




In case of the occurrence of the following symptoms upon use of the cosmetic product, immediately stop use. Continued use may aggravate symptoms, so consult your dermatologist.
   (1) In case of redness, swelling, itchiness, stimulation, or other symptoms
   (2) In case of the occurrence of the above symptoms upon exposure to direct sunlight.

Do not use on areas with wounds, eczema, or dermatitis.

③ Storage precautions
   (1) Close lid tightly after use
   (2) Keep out of reach of children
   (3) Do not store in areas with extreme heat or cold, or under direct sunlight

Avoid use around the eyes.



● Pig skin collagen: collagen is a structural ingredient that consists of skin, prevents skin dryness by supplying moisture to the skin, and maintains the youth of skin by increasing suppleness and elasticity.  

● 24K Gold: Gold in Egypt has been used as a base of skin beauty and anti-aging, it was known that Cleopatra used to enjoy a pack using gold and it has been used for young and shiny skin. The effective ingredient of pure gold provides skin treatment and vitality, is effective in ion activity and discharging toxin and makes skin tone bright.

● Centella asiatica Urbain extract: Centella asiatica Urbain extract contains madecassic acid, this is the ingredient in the spotlight for skin regenerative effect in the modern medicine, is known for the effects as wound healing, promoting blood circulation promoting, and prevention fine wrinkle.   

● Portulaca Oleracea extract: prevents skin dryness and excellent anti-inflammatory effect, soothing skin irritation and allergic reaction, anti-bacterial effect and excellent skin moisturizing power.  

● Elastin: Elastin is the connecting tissue that controls connective tissue with collagen, is an elastic protein like rubber elasticity. Skin tissue is involved in suppleness and elasticity, plays an important role in elasticity of skin and preventing winkles. 

● Allantoin: Allantoin has a skin healing effect, effective in trouble and sensitive skin and promotes the generation of healthy skin cell. In case of allantoin,  it is not chemical synthesis but a pure natural ingredient, can be used directly to sensitive and trouble –prone skin without irritation, skin soothing and reliving effect, when used in cosmetics, it prevents skin from getting chapped

● Adenosine: Typical anti-wrinkle substance notified by FDA (verified skin wrinkle improving function with a domestic clinical trial result), safest anti-wrinkle agent to skin( hypo-allergenic), as a structural material made from cells, safe to use during the day, is a relatively strong for contacting with air.





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SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack

SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack

SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack

SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack

SNP Gold Collagen Sleeping Pack